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MLED-150Ex brings the benefits of LED technology, low power, high reliability and
low maintenance, to the Zone 1 environment. The flasher and optical source
assembly, designated MaxiHALO-150, is designed after the proven MaxiHALO-60.

The MaxiHALO-150 is installed in a rugged Exd well glass housing used in the rigors
of offshore atmospheres. The MLED- 150Ex is compatible with current Tideland
Signal lanterns and is configurable as a Secondary (Standby) light. When used in a
main and secondary pair installation, the Secondary light monitors the Main light
and, upon failure, automatically begins operation. Onboard software constantly
monitors operation of the MLED- 150Ex and initiates an alarm signal if critical
operation parameters are exceeded. The MLED-150Ex produces an omnidirectional
beam of 10NM visual range with T = 0.74
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