HELIDECK LIGHTING ILED Dorado Helideck Status Light
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ILED Dorado Helideck Status Light

The ILED Dorado is hermetically sealed, so as to ensure that environmental
conditions do not affect the functionality of the light. The housing is manufactured
from marine grade aluminium alloy – making the product extremely resistant to
The purpose of the Helideck Status Light System is to warn a pilot of a condition
that can be hazardous for the helicopter, its occupants, or others. In essence, the
Status Light tells the pilot not to land on the helideck. Such hazardous conditions
can be a gas release (the gas could cause the engine to stall, while the hot exhaust
could ignite a flammable gas mixture with disastrous consequences.

As the Status Light System should not be activated during normal operating
conditions, and the consequences of the system not operating properly when it is
activated (by F&G alarm), it is paramount the system is as reliable as possible.

In addition to meeting all CAP437 mandated requirements, the Tideland Helideck
Status Lights incorporate smart electronics which are in constant communication
(including when the lantern is not activated) with the Tideland Status Light Control
Panel. Thus, the system continually checks itself, foregoing the need of regular
testing while ensuring the highest possible reliability; and contributing significantly to increased operational safety of the installation and allowing the crew to focus on
the job at hand.

The housing is manufactured from AlMg(5)Si, a very corrosion resistant alloy –
making the product extremely resistant to seawater. To further increase corrosion
resistance the housing is hard anodized and finished with a Teflon coating. A special
and unique thermal management system ensures that the cooling fins of the ILED
Dorado provide for highly efficient cooling – even at high ambient temperatures. The
Ex e mb method of protection, which consists of completely encapsulating all
electronics, not only makes this fixture suitable for hazardous area (the fixture is
certified for zone 1&21) but also protects if from corrosive environments.

The smart, innovative design, extremely low maintenance requirements and
exceptional reliability and life expectancy of the Tideland Status Light System allow
you to minimize costs while at the same time increasing operational helicopter
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HELIDECK LIGHTING ILED Dorado Helideck Status Light